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Funny Siri commands

Funny Siri commands

Looking for some goofy, silly, stupid, and just plain funny Siri commands? If you want to have a laugh, then Siri can certainly provide a chuckle or two. Siri, the lovable semi-intelligent virtual assistant that lives on our iPhones, has plenty of useful tricks and an enormous commands list up his/her sleeve, but not everything Siri does must be helpful. If you’re looking for a laugh, you can issue Siri a huge variety of odd statements or commands, and in turn get some hilarious if not just outright sassy responses back.

By no means is this a complete list of Siri’s humor archives as people seem to find new humorous features every day, but this is an amusing variety of nearly one hundred goofy statements and commands to make. Sometimes asking the same question twice or three times in a row can get different and ever continuously more ridiculous responses back. No spoilers given on the answers, just hold down that Siri button and have some fun to see what you get.

Funny Siri Commands

Summon Siri as usual, then issue any of the following commands to the voice assistant:

  1. Beam me up, Scotty!
  2. Where do babies come from?
  3. What is July 27?
  4. Tell me a story
  5. Tell me a joke
  6. Knock knock
  7. What does the fox say?
  8. What is the meaning of life?
  9. Sing a song
  10. Please sing me a song
  11. Who’s on first?
  12. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  13. Open the pod bay doors, HAL (request this several times)
  14. What’s the secret of the universe?
  15. I need to hide a body
  16. When will pigs fly?
  17. When will hell freeze over?
  18. When will the world end?
  19. Testing testing
  20. What are you?
  21. Where are you?
  22. How are you?
  23. What do you look like?
  24. Talk dirty to me
  25. Why am I here?
  26. I can do this all day long
  27. Scooby Doo, where are you?
  28. Beam me up, Scotty
  29. What are you wearing?
  30. Will you marry me?
  31. Who is Eliza?
  32. I like you
  33. I hate you
  34. You’re a loser
  35. Where are you from?
  36. How old are you?
  37. How old am I?
  38. Do you know HAL 9000
  39. What is 2001 a Space Odyssey about?
  40. I need a stiff drink!
  41. I love you
  42. Do you love me?
  43. You’re funny
  44. Shut up
  45. What is your Mom’s name?
  46. I’m tired
  47. Screw you
  48. I’m sorry
  49. I’m not sorry
  50. Okay
  51. Is there a God?
  52. You’re right
  53. You’re wrong
  54. Who is your favorite person?
  55. Who is your least favorite person?
  56. You should go on a diet
  57. What’s your problem?
  58. Do you want to play a game?
  59. I’m drunk
  60. I have to go to the bathroom.
  61. Merry Christmas
  62. Do you want to go on a date?
  63. What is your favorite color?
  64. What is my name?
  65. Which is the best tablet?
  66. What is the best computer?
  67. What’s so funny?
  68. Who is Siri?
  69. Are you human?
  70. You’re smart
  71. I’m happy
  72. You are boring
  73. Can I have some money?
  74. What’s you’re story?
  75. Who makes the best computer?
  76. Why are you so awesome?
  77. Are you serious?
  78. Are you kidding me?
  79. What’s wrong with [company name]?
  80. What is wrong with you?
  81. Tell me a bit about yourself
  82. Are you male or female?
  83. Do you agree with me?
  84. Good morning (say this in the evening)
  85. Good afternoon (say this in the morning)
  86. Good night (say in the morning or mid day)
  87. Thanks
  88. No thanks
  89. When is your birthday?
  90. Who made you?
  91. What’s new?
  92. How’s it going?
  93. Guess what?
  94. Why?
  95. Why not?

Interestingly, some of the responses to these commands are different in various versions of iOS, for example you might get different responses in iOS 6 than from the newer versions like iOS 7, 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, or iOS 12, but they all seem to work with all versions of Siri since her digital conception, whether being used on an iPhone or iPad.

Do you know of any odd or funny Siri tricks, jokes, or commands? Let us know in the comments below!

Stupid Siri tricks list

Stupid Siri tricks list

Thanks to Peter K. for sending in an enormous compilation list of many of these, and to CultOfMac for finding the Gates of Hades laugh.

[NEW] How to Activate Siri on Your iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR | siri xd – POLLICELEE

This year marks the first for Apple to exclude the Home button from any new iPhones. If you’re going from a Home-button iPhone to a new XS, XS Max, or XR, you might be a bit stumped when trying to perform basic tasks, such as activating Siri. While you can’t hold down the Home button any longer, there’s a new method that’s just as quick.

Apple wouldn’t ditch the Home button and all of its features without designing a new system equally as good. With the iPhone X last year, this new system came in three parts — Face ID, gestures, and the Side button. These three pieces work together to ensure that a buttonless iPhone display wouldn’t sacrifice usability for novelty.

To state the obvious, you don’t need any button to access Siri, on any iPhone. “Hey Siri” gets the job done. Of course, if you prefer not to say “Hey Siri” out loud, you’ll want to know how to activate Siri silently.

Luckily, it’s no more complicated than it was on your old iPhone. Simply press and hold on the Side button, which is sometimes referred to as the power button or sleep/wake button. After a split-second, Siri will pop right up.

Image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

If Type to Siri is enabled, this action will pull up the keyboard, allowing you to type your questions to Siri rather than speak them. If you want to talk to Siri, you’ll have to tap the dictation icon in your keyboard, which will, in turn, write your question down for you to ask.

Speak to Siri vs. Type to Siri

There is one drawback with remapping Siri to a physical button, one that the iPhone 7 seemingly solved. It’s now much easier to accidentally activate Siri, just as it is with Home buttons for the iPhone 6S and earlier. Be careful how you carry your new XS, XS Max, or XS — you don’t want to set off Siri in the wrong environment.

But that’s not all that’s new with Siri on your new iPhone — it’s running iOS 12, which means you gain access to the digital assistant’s 11 brand new updates. Check out our guide below to learn how to use them all.


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hey Siri meme gacha club XD

hey Siri meme gacha club XD

Dança do siri ;D – professora de Biologia xD


Dança do siri ;D - professora de Biologia xD

Siri la app xD


Siri la app xD


hola gente
volvi alfin jsjs
espero les haya gustado
mil gracias por el apoyo
nos vemos en un proximo video:3


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