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ABOUT POLITICS: Cabinet purge and agency reallocations are putting the Prayut-Prawit friendship to the ultimate test v Pirapan Salirathavibhaga is said not to be best pleased at reception given to him by new PPRP colleagues

Prawit: Feathers ruffled

Prawit: Feathers ruffled

The simmering tension between two of the country’s most powerful politicians and former brothers-in-arms may be coming to a head.

The fraternal ties that bind Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon have stood the test of time. However, in light of recent political developments, this bond may face its biggest test yet.

Gen Prayut has trusted Gen Prawit, his most senior comrade in the Burapha Phayak military clique, whom he has always held in the highest esteem.

Much of the success of the 2014 coup that toppled the Pheu Thai Party-led administration was down to Gen Prawit, Gen Prayut and another prominent Burapha Phayak figure, Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda. They were credited with working behind the scenes to cobble up a government with Gen Prayut as prime minister.

The three “brothers” have since occupied pinnacle positions in the corridors of power. According to one source, when Gen Prawit talked, Gen Prayut always listened.

Gen Prawit sees to it that political affairs and wrangling are taken care of and keeps tabs on politicians in the ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) which he leads, freeing Gen Prayut to run the government.

However, Gen Prayut’s “rock” may be showing signs of crumbling after the prime minister ruffled Gen Prawit’s feathers, not once but twice.

Even though the two men have categorically denied falling out, an observer noted the dismissal last month of Capt Thamanat Prompow as deputy agriculture minister may have left the first visible crack in their much-touted relationship.

Despite Gen Prawit’s pledge to stand by Gen Prayut until “death do us part”, the humiliating removal of Capt Thamanat, Gen Prawit’s closest and most trusted aide, from the cabinet must have taken deputy premier aback, the observer said.

It may also have made Gen Prawit realise for the first time that Gen Prayut will not think twice about exerting control and punishing any politician who threatens his leadership.

Capt Thamanat was accused of conspiring with MPs from a faction in the PPRP and small parties to vote against Gen Prayut in the last no-confidence debate.

Given the circumstances, the observer said it was natural to expect Gen Prawit to also take strong punitive actions against Capt Thamanat for plotting to stage a mutiny against the prime minister.

However, the fact that Capt Thamanat is still sitting comfortably as PPRP secretary-general has led many to wonder whether Gen Prawit was offended that Gen Prayut came down hard on his protege, subsequently disrupting the PPRP internally.

Gen Prawit may also feel he has lost face, that he should have at least been consulted and allowed to decide a suitable punishment for Capt Thamanat, according to the observer.

It was reported Gen Prawit wanted to keep Capt Thamanat in the party to help with campaigning, as the next election could be called next year if a speculated dissolution of the House occurs.

The prime minister may opt to dissolve the House before the government’s term expires in two years after the charter amendment process of reverting the current single-ballot voting system to a dual-ballot one, is complete and the related organic laws are duly updated.

Another Prawit-Prayut spat was also thought to have played out last week when Gen Prayut signed an order handing back power to supervise four agencies under the Agriculture Ministry to the Democrats.

It marked a reversal of another order issued less than 24 hours prior, which put their supervision in the hands of Gen Prawit.

The four agencies — the Department of Land Development, the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation, the Office of the Agricultural Land Reform and the Marketing Organisation for Farmers — had been overseen by Capt Thamanat until he was fired as deputy agriculture minister.

Procedure dictates that the agencies be returned to Agriculture Minister Chalermchai Sri-on, who concurrently serves as Democrat secretary-general, for redistribution to other deputies.

Deputy Prime Minister Jurin Laksanawisit, who also leads the Democrat, in turn, supervises the Agriculture Ministry.

The observer said Gen Prawit may have deemed it necessary to maintain a grip on the agencies with the expectation that if and when the PPRP finds Capt Thamanat’s replacement, that person could then pick up where his or her predecessor left off.

By releasing the rescinding order, Gen Prayut managed to pacify brewing disgruntlement among the Democrats. But in yanking the agencies from Gen Prawit’s hands, the prime minister may once again have left his big brother in a foul mood.

Peeved over party-pooping

Pirapan: Offended by remarks

Pirapan Salirathavibhaga, the newly appointed adviser to Palang Pracharath (PPRP) leader Prawit Wongsuwon, has already ruffled a few feathers in the ruling party, and he has not even started yet.

Rumours that he is there to balance out power within the party and is being eyed as a potential candidate for premier are not going down well with some party members.

PPRP MP for Bangkok, Sira Jenjaka, reacted strongly to the talk, described Mr Pirapan, despite his political experience with the Democrats, as a “novice monk” who must “rise through the ranks”.

Mr Pirapan, a five-time MP with the Democrat Party and a former justice minister during the Abhisit Vejjajiva government, jumped ship in late 2019 and went to work for the government serving as Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s adviser.

His present gig as the PPRP leader’s adviser comes amid lingering speculation over ties between Gen Prawit and Gen Prayut, as well as the controversy surrounding Gen Prayut’s eight-year tenure.

Some political observers view Mr Pirapan’s new role in the ruling party as an attempt by some party heavyweights to balance out power in light of the growing clout PPRP secretary-general Capt Thamanat Prompow wields.

Capt Thamanat, while stripped of his cabinet post for an alleged attempt to overthrow Gen Prayut during the last censure debate, is believed to retain a firm hold on the party.

Mr Pirapan is also said to be one of the two backup choices in case Gen Prayut’s term ends in August next year. Gen Prayut was the PPRP’s sole candidate for prime minister in the 2019 poll, despite not being a party member.

Under the constitution, no one can serve more than eight years as prime minister, regardless of whether the terms are served back-to-back. Gen Prayut’s critics insist the premier who assumed office following the 2014 coup, will have served out his eight-year term by August next year.

According to a source in the PPRP, Mr Pirapan is said to be very offended by Mr Sira’s remark, even though Gen Prawit has intervened and vowed to quell discontent among party members.

“He may feel like he’s been abandoned by someone who was supposed to protect him. And as if that wasn’t enough the very same person had just set those people on him,” the source said, described how Mr Pirapan might be feeling.

Mr Pirapan parted ways with the Democrats in early December 2019, a decision that also ended his time as a party-list MP. He did not give a reason for his abrupt exit, which came months after losing to Jurin Laksanawisit in the party leadership contest in May.

According to the PPRP source, Mr Pirapan was believed to have turned his back on the Democrats because he was approached to take the helm at the PPRP, replacing Uttama Savanayana who was then party leader.

At the time, changes in the PPRP leadership had been widely speculated after Gen Prawit made an appearance at a party seminar in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Wang Nam Khieo district in July 2019.

The move was seen as a signal of his next political move, but Mr Pirapan came into the picture because the PPRP wanted a civilian as the party chief to avoid being seen as a pro-military party.

However, after the purge of Mr Uttama and three others in the so-called Four Boys group, the PPRP leadership was handed to Gen Prawit, who was then the party chief strategist in an uncontested race.

At that time, key party figures were reportedly told Gen Prawit’s stay as party head would be temporary and that he would be warming the seat for Mr Pirapan.

More than a year has passed since the big party revamp, but Gen Prawit remains as leader, having apparently grabbed a firm hold of the PPRP, according to the source.

However, Digital Economy and Society Minister, Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, has downplayed any animosity towards Mr Pirapan, saying any displeasure will be dealt with and party members will come to understand Mr Pirapan’s role in the PPRP.

According to Mr Chaiwut, who is also a PPRP executive, senior party figures feel Mr Pirapan is cut out for his role in the PPRP as he did a remarkable job as the prime minister’s political aide.

[Update] The early Big Brother favourites who blew it | bangkok’s big brother – POLLICELEE

Self-described “bubbly, gender-fluid optimist” Tomasz started out as one of the favourites to win this year’s (and perhaps the last ever?) Big Brother.

But opinions can change dramatically when it comes to reality TV’s most famous house, and after several weeks of obsessive vendettas, Big Coin-stealing and generally throwing everyone under the bus, the Polish cleaner has now drifted to rank outsider.

Tomasz Wania, Big Brother, Day 28

Of course, the 31-year-old is far from the first BB civilian who initially endeared themselves to viewers before suffering a fall from grace.

Here’s a look at those who entered the house to a rapturous applause but exited to a chorus of boos.

1. Makosi (Series 6, 2005)

makosi on big brother 6

If BB6 victory had been awarded to the most entertaining housemate, Makosi would have won it by a landslide.

The Zimbabwe-born nurse stole the show from day one thanks to a secret task which involved deliberately making herself unpopular to avoid eviction.

Makosi achieved the feat with charm and cheekiness, and alongside Kemal later put the awful Saskia and Maxwell in their place to further win viewers’ seal of approval.

However, she threw potential victory away with the ridiculous claims she’d fallen pregnant following a drunken swimming-pool fumble with eventual winner Anthony.

2. Nikki (Series 7, 2006)

Big Brother, Nikki Grahame

Channel 4

“Who IS she?” “I’M SOOO COOOOLD.” “Then why don’t you have some, you fat ox?” – Nikki Grahame’s incredible diary room rants became the stuff of BB legend, and despite being evicted in week seven, she received the kind of ecstatic crowd response usually reserved for the winner.

Sadly the tempestuous blonde appeared to let this adulation go to her head, as she showed after being controversially reinstated as a bona fide housemate four weeks later.

Indeed, gone was the previously likeable and naturally entertaining Nikki, and in her place was a meaner and far more self-aware version whose behaviour appeared entirely contrived for the cameras.

As a result, much to Nikki’s visible shock, her second eviction was soundtracked by jeers rather than cheers.

3. Carole (Series 8, 2007)

Carole Vincent, Big Brother, Series 8

In a house which included giddy pink-obsessed twins Samanda, faux-village idiot Brian Belo and the showmance that was Ziggy and Chanelle, 50-something political activist Carole initially seemed like a breath of fresh air.

Bookies even installed her as the favourite during the female-dominated first week as she vowed to shake up the series “something rotten”.

Unfortunately, the one-time Respect party candidate hopelessly failed to deliver on her promise, and she spent the majority of her time going out of her way to suck all the fun out of the house.

Despite receiving 21 nominations over the course of the series, the ever-cleaning killjoy did manage to make the final but finished in fifth place with less than five percent of the votes.

4. Kathreya (Series 9, 2008)

Kathreya, Big Brother, Series 9

Thai massage therapist Kathreya initially endeared herself to her fellow contestants and viewers alike as the perpetually kooky mother of the house.

But after several weeks, her obsession with cookies, constant shouts of “happy, happy house” and habit of bursting into tears at the merest sign of conflict began to grate, and soon the likes of Mario, Luke and Lisa were labelling her that BB bingo buzzword, “fake”.

However, the Bangkok-born housemate didn’t face eviction once during her 13-week stint. In fact, she was only booted out three days before the final following a surprise vote freeze which – thanks to Kathreya’s utter bewilderment and bathrobe/Afro wig outfit – turned both slightly harrowing and utterly hilarious.

5. Freddie/Halfwit (Series 10, 2009)

Freddie Fisher, Big Brother 2009, Series 10

Forced to change his name to Halfwit by deed poll in one of those utterly pointless first night tasks producers insist on foisting upon us every year, Freddie was doomed to be BB10’s whipping boy from the start.

But although the Oxford graduate and aspiring Tory MP repeatedly rubbed his housemates up the wrong way – he was put up for eviction a record-equalling eight times – viewers initially warmed to his bumbling Hugh Grant-esque persona.

However, the arrival of the equally posh Bea seven weeks in proved to be his downfall, and a number of passive aggressive outbursts during their will-they/won’t they relationship suggested he wasn’t quite the harmless nice-but-dim figure we all thought.

6. Nadia (Ultimate Big Brother, 2010)

Nadia Almada

The aforementioned Nikki later managed to redeem herself in the all-star BB Channel 4 staged as a farewell to the reality TV monster it created.

Sadly, it was the exact opposite for series five winner Nadia. BB’s first transgender housemate delivered one of the show’s most heartwarming moments with her awestruck reaction to being accepted by the British public back in 2004.

Related: Big Brother’s most groundbreaking LGBTQ+ moments

But she squandered all of this goodwill in Ultimate Big Brother thanks to numerous explosive rows, alongside some insensitive remarks which caused Josie Gibson to exit through the fire door.

Following chants of “Get Nadia Out”, the Portuguese native exited through the main door where she admitted to Davina McCall – who had previously described Nadia as her all-time favourite housemate – that she’d hated every minute of the experience.

7. Wolfy (Series 14, 2013)

Event, Fun, Leisure, Performance, Media, Games,


Few housemates have fallen out of favour as quickly as BB14’s Wolfy Millington.

The Shaman-practising mackerel fisherwoman drew massive cheers when she entered the house and became an early favourite thanks her down-to-earth nature and apparent lack of ego.

However, cocky comments she made after being nominated in week three (“Everyone knows I’m going to make the final. I know I ain’t going nowhere.”) suggested her displays of humility had all been an act.

Wolfy survived that particular fake eviction, but was booted out just a week later amidst reports of several death threats.

8. Jack (Series 16, 2015)

Jack McDermott, Big Brother 2015, Series 16

McDonald’s floor manager Jack McDermott actually did experience victory of sorts when he was crowned the ‘winner’ in a time-travelling task less than a week into series 16.

But the man also known as Pie Face soon fell out of favour as his initial cheeky-chappy charm gave way to moodiness, grouchiness and selfishness (he agreed to spend four grand of the prize budget on Um Bongo and finding out the results of his beloved Plymouth Argyle).

Jack also took a further £23.9k for himself in a Cash Bomb task, which perhaps explains why he finished way behind Danny, Joel and Chloe in the final for real.

9. Ellie (Series 18, 2017)

Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young

Just like Wolfie four years before her, Castleford till operator Ellie presented herself as a salt-of-the-earth Northern lass in her intro VT. And her initial fears about measuring up to the housemates she considered more glamorous only added to her whole underdog arc.

But in one of the clearest good-versus-bad divides in Big Brother history, Ellie chose the wrong side.

And thanks to her desperate advances towards chief villain Lotan and foul-mouthed tirades against the much more likeable Chanelle, Raph and Isabelle, she was eventually evicted alongside her showmance partner Sam the week before the final.

Big Brother airs on Channel 5.

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Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok \”From CHESS\” (Official Video)

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Welcome to the Bangkok Hilton: Inside Thailand’s notorious drug prisons | 60 Minutes Australia

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