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What is a COE?

The Certificate of Entry or COE is a letter issued by the Thai Embassy or Consulate to allow a foreign visa holder to enter Thailand onboard a special repatriation flight, chartered flight, or semi-commercial flight. This letter will be presented to the airline personnel before departure and to the immigration officer upon arrival in Thailand.

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Who may apply for the COE?

The following categories of persons are permitted to enter Thailand and are required to apply for a valid visa and Certificate of Entry (COE) before traveling to Thailand:

  • Diplomats, officials of international organizations, and their family members
  • Non-Thai nationals who are spouses (holding a Thai Marriage visa), parents or children of Thai nationals
  • Non-Thai nationals who have a Certificate of Permanent Residence
  • Non-Thai nationals with valid work permit or letter of confirmation to work (WP3) from the relevant Thai government agency, and their spouse and children
  • Non-Thai nationals who are students of formal educational establishments in Thailand as approved by Thai authorities, and their parents
  • Non-Thai nationals in need of medical treatment in Thailand, except for treatment of COVID-19, including their accompanying persons
  • Holders of Non-Immigrant visa Category OA/OX
  • Holders of APEC Business card or Thai Elite Visa
  • Holders of Special Tourist Visa (STV) Or Tourist Visa (TR) selected countries only
  • Holders of Non-Immigrant visa for Business purpose, ownership of condominium or investment
  • Holders of Non-Immigrant O retirement visa
  • Passport holders of Countries under Visa Exemption Program

What are the Requirements for the COE?

The main requirement for the COE is that the applicant qualifies to enter Thailand based on the list of eligible travelers. The applicant must secure the appropriate Thai visa before applying for the COE. Once the visa has been obtained, the applicant must prepare the following documents for the COE application:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of the tourist visa, non-immigrant visa, or extension of stay with a re-entry permit or no visa for some countries
  • Copy of the COVID-19 Travel Insurance for Thailand Policy covering treatment and medical expenses related to COVID-19 with a minimum coverage of 50,000 USD.
  • Copy of confirmed flight booking
  • Copy of confirmed Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel booking or SHA+ Hotels in Phuket

NOTE: Some embassies will reject your COE application if you do not have the correct format for Health Insurance. In order to have the correct insurance for the COE.

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How to Apply for the Certificate of Entry (COE)?

Step 1: Visit COE online portal/website and register by filling in your personal details, and upload supporting documents such as a copy of passport, copy of the valid visa, and COVID-19 travel insurance. The Embassy will screen and pre-approve the applicants who meet the requirements. Please check the status of your application after 1-3 working days.

Step 2: The applicants can check their status online if they have been pre-approved. They will be contacted by email if the Embassy requires more documents. The applicants who are pre-approved passengers can then buy flight tickets and book their ASQ or SHA+ hotels. Copy of the flight ticket and the ASQ hotel or SHA+ Hotel booking confirmation has to be uploaded in order to get the COE. Please check the status of your application after 1-3 working days.

Step 3: When the COE has been approved, the applicants can check their status online and click to download their COE.

How long does it take to obtain the COE?

It is strongly recommended that the applicant spares at least 15 working days before the travel date to apply for the COE. If you do not have a valid visa, it is recommended to secure your visa before applying for the COE.

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What is the validity of the COE?

The Certificate of Entry is valid only for the intended date of travel. The COE will specifically state your name, passport details, flight date of departure and arrival, flight number, and the name of your ASQ hotel. In case, you need to postpone your trip or change the details of your flight, you need to make a new application for the COE to obtain a new certificate with the new flight details or ASQ hotel details.

What do you have to do after receiving the COE?

Once you have received your COE, you have to prepare the following documents for your trip to Thailand. It will be presented to the airline before departure:

  • Certificate of Entry (COE)
  • Valid visa in your passport
  • Declaration Form
  • Medical Certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected. The COVID test must be by the RT-PCR method, the test must be conducted within 72 hours before departure. Some airlines do not accept home kit tests so please check specific requirements with the airlines you are traveling with.
  • Copy of Travel insurance policy that covers COVID and no less than 50,000 USD. The policy must cover the whole duration of your stay or the duration of your visa. Please print the insurance certificate and all pages of the terms and conditions on the COVID-19 coverage and medical benefits. You may be refused to board the flight if you could not show that the insurance meets this requirement.
  • Copy of confirmed ASQ hotel booking or SHA+ Hotel Booking
  • Flight itinerary
  • T8 Form
  • You must download “Thailand Plus” Application on your mobile phone


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[New Charter Flight] NGA – HCM – NGA

[New Charter Flight] Global Express đã thực hiện thành công chuyến bay Charter từ Nga đến Hồ Chí Minh bay thẳng từ Hồ Chí Minh đi Nga [English below]
ZF/04NOV VKOSGN 07:05 17:00 B763P
ZF/05NOV SGNSVO2 11:00 22:00 B763P
Vừa qua, ngày 5/11/2020, Global Express đã thực hiện thành công chuyến bay charter tuyến SVO SGN SGO. Đội ngũ nhân viên Global Express đã phối hợp chặt chẽ, hết sức khẩn trương để hoàn thành tốt chuyến bay charter an toàn, đúng tiến độ. Đây là niềm vui và cũng là niềm tự hào của Global Express.
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[English version]
[New charter flight] Global Express Tranport Services Limited Company operated charter successfully from SGN to SVO on 5th Nov 2020 direct flight from Viet Nam to Moscow as below info details:
Flight Schedule:
ZF/04NOV VKOSGN 0705:17:00 B763P
ZF/05NOV SGNSVO2 11:00: 22:00 B763P
Global Express handled successfully charter flight SVO SGN SVO, Our team tried our best to completed all supervison, customs clearance punctual. We also appreciate the teams handled this shipment.
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