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            As long ago as 1860 it was the proper thing to be born at home. At present, so I am told, the high gods of medicine have decreed that the first cries of the young shall be uttered upon the anaesthetic air of a hospital, preferably a fashionable one. So young Mr. and Mrs. Roger Button were fifty years ahead of style when they decided, one day in the summer of 1860, that their first baby should be born in a hospital. Whether this anachronism had any bearing upon the astonishing history I am about to set down will never be known.

            I shall tell you what occurred, and let you judge for yourself.

            The Roger Buttons held an enviable position, both social and financial, in ante – bellum Baltimore. They were related to the This Family and the That Family, which, as every Southerner knew, entitled them to membership in that enormous peerage which largely populated the Confederacy. This was their first experience with the charming old custom of having babies – Mr. Button was naturally nervous. He hoped it would be a boy so that he could be sent to Yale College in Connecticut, at which institution Mr. Button himself had been known for four years by the somewhat obvious nickname of “Cuff.”

            On the September morning consecrated to the enormous event he arose nervously at six o’clock dressed himself, adjusted an impeccable stock, and hurried forth through the streets of Baltimore to the hospital, to determine whether the darkness of the night had borne in new life upon its bosom.

            When he was approximately a hundred yards from the Maryland Private Hospital for Ladies and Gentlemen he saw Doctor Keene, the family physician, descending the front steps, rubbing his hands together with a washing movement – as all doctors are required to do by the unwritten ethics of their profession.

            Mr. Roger Button, the president of Roger Button & Co., Wholesale Hardware, began to run toward Doctor Keene with much less dignity than was expected from a Southern gentleman of that picturesque period.

            “Doctor Keene!” he called. “Oh, Doctor Keene!”

            The doctor heard him, faced around, and stood waiting, a curious expression settling on his harsh, medicinal face as Mr. Button drew near.

            “What happened?” demanded Mr. Button, as he came up in a gasping rush. “What was it? How is she” A boy? Who is it? What -“

            “Talk sense!” said Doctor Keene sharply, He appeared somewhat irritated.

            “Is the child born?” begged Mr. Button.

            Doctor Keene frowned. “Why, yes, I suppose so – after a fashion.” Again he threw a curious glance at Mr. Button.

            “Is my wife all right?”


            “Is it a boy or a girl?”

            “Here now!” cried Doctor Keene in a perfect passion of irritation, “I’ll ask you to go and see for yourself. Outrageous!” He snapped the last word out in almost one syllable, then he turned away muttering: “Do you imagine a case like this will help my professional reputation? One more would ruin me – ruin anybody.”

            “What’s the matter?” demanded Mr. Button appalled. “Triplets?”

            “No, not triplets!” answered the doctor cuttingly. “What’s more, you can go and see for yourself. And get another doctor. I brought you into the world, young man, and I’ve been physician to your family for forty years, but I’m through with you! I don’t want to see you or any of your relatives ever again! Good – bye!”

            Then he turned sharply, and without another word climbed into his phaeton, which was waiting at the curbstone, and drove severely away.

            Mr. Button stood there upon the sidewalk, stupefied and trembling from head to foot. What horrible mishap had occurred? He had suddenly lost all desire to go into the Maryland Private Hospital for Ladies and Gentlemen – it was with the greatest difficulty that, a moment later, he forced himself to mount the steps and enter the front door.

            A nurse was sitting behind a desk in the opaque gloom of the hall. Swallowing his shame, Mr. Button approached her.

            “Good – morning,” she remarked, looking up at him pleasantly.

            “Good – morning. I – I am Mr. Button.”

            At this a look of utter terror spread itself over girl’s face. She rose to her feet and seemed about to fly from the hall, restraining herself only with the most apparent difficulty.

            “I want to see my child,” said Mr. Button.

            The nurse gave a little scream. “Oh – of course!” she cried hysterically. “Upstairs. Right upstairs. Go – up!”

            She pointed the direction, and Mr. Button, bathed in cool perspiration, turned falteringly, and began to mount to the second floor. In the upper hall he addressed another nurse who approached him, basin in hand. “I’m Mr. Button,” he managed to articulate. “I want to see my -“

            Clank! The basin clattered to the floor and rolled in the direction of the stairs. Clank! Clank! I began a methodical decent as if sharing in the general terror which this gentleman provoked.

            “I want to see my child!” Mr. Button almost shrieked. He was on the verge of collapse.

            Clank! The basin reached the first floor. The nurse regained control of herself, and threw Mr. Button a look of hearty contempt.

            “All right, Mr. Button,” she agreed in a hushed voice. “Very well! But if you knew what a state it’s put us all in this morning! It’s perfectly outrageous! The hospital will never have a ghost of a reputation after -“

            “Hurry!” he cried hoarsely. “I can’t stand this!”

            “Come this way, then, Mr. Button.”

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            He dragged himself after her. At the end of a long hall they reached a room from which proceeded a variety of howls – indeed, a room which, in later parlance, would have been known as the “crying – room.” They entered.

            Ranged around the walls were half a dozen white – enameled rolling cribs, each with a tag tied at the head.

            “Well,” gasped Mr. Button, “which is mine?”

            “There!” said the nurse.

            Mr. Button’s eyes followed her pointing finger, and this is what he saw. Wrapped in a voluminous white blanket, and partly crammed into one of the cribs, there sat an old man apparently about seventy years of age. His sparse hair was almost white, and from his chin dripped a long smoke – coloured beard, which waved absurdly back and forth, fanned by the breeze coming in at the window. He looked up at Mr. Button with dim, faded eyes in which lurked a puzzled question.

            “Am I mad?” thundered Mr. Button, his terror resolving into rage. “Is this some ghastly hospital joke?

            “It doesn’t seem like a joke to us,” replied the nurse severely. “And I don’t know whether you’re mad or not – but that is most certainly your child.”

            The cool perspiration redoubled on Mr. Button’s forehead. He closed his eyes, and then, opening them, looked again. There was no mistake – he was gazing at a man of threescore and ten – a baby of threescore and ten, a baby whose feet hung over the sides of the crib in which it was reposing.

            The old man looked placidly from one to the other for a moment, and then suddenly spoke in a cracked and ancient voice. “Are you my father?” he demanded.

            Mr. Button and the nurse started violently.

            “Because if you are,” went on the old man querulously, “I wish you’d get me out of this place – or, at least, get them to put a comfortable rocker in here,”

            “Where in God’s name did you come from? Who are you?” burst out Mr. Button frantically.

            “I can’t tell you exactly who I am,” replied the querulous whine, “because I’ve only been born a few hours – but my last name is certainly Button.”

            “You lie! You’re an impostor!”

            The old man turned wearily to the nurse. “Nice way to welcome a new – born child,” he complained in a weak voice. “Tell him he’s wrong, why don’t you?”

            “You’re wrong. Mr. Button,” said the nurse severely. “This is your child, and you’ll have to make the best of it. We’re going to ask you to take him home with you as soon as possible – some time to – day.”

            “Home?” repeated Mr. Button incredulously.

            “Yes, we can’t have him here. We really can’t, you know?”

            “I’m right glad of it,” whined the old man. “This is a fine place to keep a youngster of quiet tastes. With all this yelling and howling, I haven’t been able to get a wink of sleep. I asked for something to eat” – here his voice rose to a shrill note of protest – “and they brought me a bottle of milk!”

            Mr. Button sank down upon a chair near his son and concealed his face in his hands. “My heavens!” he murmured, in an ecstasy of horror. “What will people say? What must I do?”

            “You’ll have to take him home,” insisted the nurse – “immediately!”

            A grotesque picture formed itself with dreadful clarity before the eyes of the tortured man – a picture of himself walking through the crowded streets of the city with this appalling apparition stalking by his side. “I can’t. I can’t,” he moaned.

            People would stop to speak to him, and what was he going to say? He would have to introduce this – this septuagenarian: “This is my son, born early this morning.” And then the old man would gather his blanket around him and they would plod on, past the bustling stores, the slave market – for a dark instant Mr. Button wished passionately that his son was black – past the luxurious houses of the residential district, past the home for the aged…

            “Come! Pull yourself together,” commanded the nurse.

            “See here,” the old man announced suddenly, “if you think I’m going to walk home in this blanket, you’re entirely mistaken.”

            “Babies always have blankets.”

            With a malicious crackle the old man held up a small white swaddling garment. “Look!” he quavered. “This is what they had ready for me.”

            “Babies always wear those,” said the nurse primly.

            “Well,” said the old man, “this baby’s not going to wear anything in about two minutes. This blanket itches. They might at least have given me a sheet.”

            “Keep it on! Keep it on!” said Mr. Button hurriedly. He turned to the nurse. “What’ll I do?”

            “Go down town and buy your son some clothes.”

            Mr. Button’s son’s voice followed him down into the: hall: “And a cane, father. I want to have a cane.”

            Mr. Button banged the outer door savagely…

[Update] The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Beginnings & Endings | the curious case of benjamin button ไทย – POLLICELEE

This article contains mild spoilers for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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I was looking back at both Brad Pitt’s & David Fincher’s filmographies only to stumble upon this intriguing film that I had entirely forgotten to watch when it was released, even though I am a big fan of both Pitt & of course Fincher.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the story of, well, Ben, a man born with a mysterious condition: he’s born old, and gets younger as time passes.

This creates a clever dynamic in telling a peculiar story for the misunderstood misfit, creating many scenarios that range from being funny, awkward, sad & more.

The story covers Ben’s complete life, from being a child trapped in an old man’s body, to his romantic drama with his soulmate played by Cate Blanchet, and finally until he reaches old age and becomes an 80-year-old trapped in a baby’s body.

This is not your typical thirllery Fincher drama, but it still has its remarkable style imprinted on how the story is told & its wonderful cinematography. Fincher has always been detail-oriented director, and in Benjamin Button, it is noted through how the story unfolds and how its cinematography feels delicately precise and personal.

This attention to detail from the aesthetic point of view was also present in the main thematic aspects of the film. Fincher & his team managed to create a film that dwells in the curious and the atypical, and managed it to ground it so that the audience can still empathize with Ben. No matter how strange and curious his life can be, Ben’s struggles can resonate with the average viewer.

For more articles that focus on thematic analysis click here.

Themes & Symbolism in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

To explain how this film manages to ground Ben’s life in the story, first, we need to understand the thematic elements that this film uses to tell his story and link his curious condition to his personal growth. These elements are all connected in some way or another to better illustrate Ben’s journey where he aims to discover who he is while grasping the concept of beginnings and endings.

Going Backwards Through Time

The most obvious element is Ben’s condition. As previously mentioned, he has a unique condition where he de-ages as he grows up, transforming from a baby old man to an old man who looks and behaves live a baby.

The film waits no time in setting up the first symbol by aligning the backward running clock at the station as a projection of Ben’s life. This is done to create perspective about how we are living our lives. This statement is explicitly said by the clock’s creator: whether we’re living it frontwards or backward wasted time is lost time.

wide dancing cate blanchet

This may sound obvious, but in truth is, many of us can sometimes be lost and wander through our lives in moments of oblivion. As illustrated by the clockmaker, those boys who lost their lives at war won’t get it back, and going backwards may be a token of symbolical appreciation to undue time and let them & others take more advantage from it.

Now, this may have gotten really abstract, but one of the things that set Ben apart from others is his commitment to explore and live life the best he possibly can while being limited to his condition, whether it’s through his work, friends, romance, or something else.

The Hummingbird’s Uniqueness

The hummingbird appears and it’s mentioned three times during the length of the film, and this is no coincidence. The hummingbird is a symbol that’s there to project itself as Ben’s mirror in a different way than the clock.

The hummingbird’s unique flying technique sets it apart from other birds since it has the ability to fly backwards. Nevertheless, the word “backwards” is not the one that connects it with Ben this time, but the fact that this species of bird is one of a kind, just like Ben. The fact that Ben is different is constantly mentioned by others and himself through the course of the film

One last takeaway that is not much related thematically as the other explanation is the following. The hummingbird is also often described as the stopper of time, after the slow-motion illusion its wings create while flapping. One can also say that Ben is a stopper of time himself. One can say this to an extreme where not only did he stops it, but inverts it. But that’s actually a stretch…

Beginnings and Endings

Lastly, the third column that holds the central theme together is the is a motif that spawns through the course of the film which is presented as the big takeaway that Ben concludes from all of his most important relationships: The concepts of life & death; or beginnings & endings.

Ben created strong bonds with various important people during the course of his life. He slowly starts to learn how the circle of life is defined by numerous connections between living things that define every moment of their intricate lives. He comes to better understand this thought after Daisy’s accident, where he finds the “red string” that linked every voluntary and involuntary choice from the people who played a part in the events that preceded the accident and how a minor alteration to it could have prevented it.

The biggest takeaway from Ben was how every single person he meets actually gave him a particular lesson to his growth, and helped him better understand where his journey together would have to end. He came to terms with everyone he met as they departed one by one from him, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

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By design, every single person he met had one defining quality that made them shine. Everyone had a marked identity in a story where Ben was constantly struggling to define one of his own. In an environment as static, Ben finds a way to be ever-changing. This is where the other 2 symbols connect with this motif and highlight that the very own thing that made Ben unique, was also the thing that kept him from finding meaning for a long time.

Throughout most of the film, Ben is driven by the fear of being different. He was on a journey that lasted almost his whole life which led him to finally learn and accept his defining identity, and the consequences of his reality.

The struggle of being different and finding one’s identity is a common thing to experience. As Ben did, people must learn to eventually embrace their differences, accept the consequences of them, and try and live your life in a way that makes you and those around you happy.

In the end, all these thematic elements add up to one single message: in a world where life has constantly new beginnings and endings, there’s no correct way to live, and one has to take all the good he can learn from those who touch our lives, whether they briefly pass by or stay for the long run.

Benjamin Button is the testimony of that.





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[สปอยหนัง] เมื่อเขาเกิดมา..มีร่างกายเหมือนคนแก่อายุ80ปี!! | Benjamin Button

Thai เธียเตอร์: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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Thai เธียเตอร์: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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รีวิวหนังเรื่อง The curious case of benjamin button (ส่งงานภาษาไทย)

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Late Night Melancholy - (EA7) CHILL Lofi Piano Beat | Study Session 📚 (1 hour Loop)

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