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What is the China Post?

China Post, which is legally known as the China Post Group Corporation, is the official operating postal service of China, providing nationwide postal services except in certain special zones, such as Hong Kong.

China Post succeeded the Chunghwa Post, which had served as the main postal provider of mainland China previously before the China Post was established in 1949.

China Post is overseen by the State Post Bureau, which holds overall responsibility for regulating the postal service in China.

What are the types of packages or parcels which can be sent through the China Post?

International services by the China Post include small parcel, large package or Express Mail Service (EMS). These classifications will depend on the weight and size of the parcel or package and vary in pricing depending on the dimensions, destination, and urgency for delivery. The specifications of the parcel and package, as well as its destination, could also affect the time it takes for delivery. All registered parcels include tracking.

Parcels will then be allocated a mode of transport depending on the urgency of the shipment and the price point. Packages or parcels which travel via China Air Parcel are transported by air, whereas Surface Air Lift packages can be transported by sea, land, or air, and Surface Parcel by railway, automobile, or ship.

All parcels posted with the China Post can be tracked if they are registered. Otherwise, China Post tracking information will be limited to mainland China only.

What can I use to track my China Post parcel?

With the powerful Ship24 tracking system, getting up-to-date tracking information on your order’s location couldn’t be easier. To find your package or parcel, regardless of the size, shape or final destination, you will simply need to enter the tracking number which was provided by the seller at the point of purchase on the Ship24 website.

Alternatively, the tracking number may be found in the seller’s confirmation email or on the “My Order” section on marketplaces such as Amazon, Asos, eBay, or the eShop page directly. With this tracking number, you will be able to continue tracking your package or parcel throughout its journey, using it to keep up to date with the latest status and location of your shipment. This is how you track China Post mail using our system.

How long does China Post shipping take?

Typically, the first two methods of transportation listed will take between 5 to 30 days for delivery. The last option takes the longest, with estimated delivery times usually over one month. All methods of transportation with China Post can be tracked with Ship24, as long as they have been registered. To track your China Post shipment simply enter the tracking number on the Ship24 website.

Below are the estimated delivery timeframes for the various China Post transportation methods:

  • For Air Parcel:
    • To countries neighboring China: 5 to 10 Days
    • To Europe and America: 7 to 15 Days
    • To South America: 10 to 20 Days
    • To Africa and remaining countries and regions: 15 – 30 Days
  • For Surface Air Lift Parcels: 15 to 20 days for all countries
  • For Surface Parcel: 1 to 2 months for all countries

There are also weight and size specifications used for parcel classification. Merchants looking to ship products will need to know the following to make sure they know whether their parcel will be classified as small or large.

  • Weight Limit:

Small packages are any package that weighs 2kg or under. The typical weight for large packages is over 2kg and less than 30kg. However, for some countries, the maximum weight for large parcels is 15kg, 20kg or 40kg.

There is a 20kg weight limit for Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, South Korea, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Norway, Belgium, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, India, Chile, Egypt, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and The Phillippines.

There is a 15kg weight limit for Poland.

There is a 40kg weight limit for Singapore.

  • Size Limit:

Maximum Size:

  • Packages with a 30kg weight limit should be under 1.5 meters in length and the maximum circumference should be less than 3 meters.
  • Packages with a 20kg weight limit should be under 1.05 meters and the maximum package circumference should be less than 2 meters.

Minimum Size:

The length of the parcel or package should be no less than 0.24 meters and 0.16 meters wide.
Packages are processed, transported and delivered seven days of the week.

How do I send China Post parcels to the EU under the new IOSS system?

As part of the EU’s bid to simplify and modernize VAT for cross-border e-commerce within the bloc, it has announced a new Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) scheme and an end of the 22-euro tax exemption threshold, which will come into effect on July 1. The IOSS scheme is specifically designed to make cross-border distance sales of goods valued at under 150 EUR in the EU easier. However, businesses must register for the scheme in order to take advantage, which can be done through an IOSS intermediary for businesses established within the EU but must be done by businesses established outside the EU. If you are sending packages to the EU from China with the China Post, it is advised that businesses register for the IOSS scheme.

If your business makes eCommerce sales to buyers in the EU, Ship24 offers full IOSS intermediary services which can facilitate and ensure complete EU VAT compliance so your business can take advantage of the scheme. Advantages include:

  • Fast-track customs processing on all IOSS registered items
  • Prepaid VAT removing hidden fees for customers, boosting consumer confidence
  • Cheaper import costs due to the removal of handling/customers processing fees
  • EU-wide VAT consolidated into a single payment

Find out more about our IOSS solutions on our dedicated page or for more information on how to get an IOSS number or achieve IOSS registration, see our comprehensive FAQ pages.

How do I track China Post small packet orders?

China Post International Small packet is used for the shipping of lightweight orders which are under two kilograms from China to different nations and regions. It is the cheapest and therefore most economic option for sellers wishing to save costs on shipments. Items typically found in small packets, also known as packages and parcels, include cosmetics, small gadgets, computer components, smartphones, clothing, artificial flowers, cleaning products, athleisure, clothing, and accessories.

Small packets, packages or parcels are mostly used for e-commerce products on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress, as well as by individual customers. Small packets can be tracked if sent with China Post and Ship24 covers tracking for all registered items sent through the China Post.

How do I track China Post large package orders?

Much like tracking for China Post small packet orders, Ship24 can also help track large packages shipped with the China Post. The large package service is for orders weighing over 2kg and less than 30kg. In comparison to EMS and other express services, large package orders are not prioritized for shipment and therefore take longer. Large package orders can be tracked through the Ship24 website only if they are registered by the seller upon shipment.

What is a China Post ePacket?

As the name “ePacket” suggests, the shipping service is designed specifically for e-commerce, with the aim to develop a fast-track shipping option for online sellers.

The first ePacket service was launched in 2011 following an agreement between the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Hong Kong Post, providing more convenient shipping options for both consumers and sellers in the respective locations. The service is run as part of the Express Mail Service (China EMS).

The agreement subsequently brought about two major changes. Firstly, it gave online sellers and merchants a market advantage. Secondly, it also brought into play various shipping solution options alongside tracking which boosted confidence in consumers.

This led to ePacket agreements expanding to other regions and countries that are also seeking to gain more convenient access to the US market.

The ePacket service has been especially successful and is perfect for sellers who want a secure, fast, and convenient way to ship parcels internationally.

The service is also ideal for sellers who want to test out international shipping options for their products
If you’re just getting started with your shipping business and are testing the waters in terms of low-cost global mailing, China post tracking, priority mail, and other international mailing services.

Getting acquainted with post register and post office regulations through the ePacket service is a good way to get your feet wet, and it will be easier for you as an eCommerce business owner or eBay seller to have a better profit margin and grow your business even further.

However, the ePacket service does have a few restrictions, but these shouldn’t be a problem if you’re shipping lightweight.

  • Products must weigh no more than 2 kilograms or 4.4 pounds.
  • There are limitations on the maximum length of packages. Packaging can be no larger than 24 inches by 36 inches.
  • Order value must be less than $400.

All registered ePackets can be tracked using the Ship24 website regardless of their mode of transport.

How do I track my China Post ePacket?

You can track your China Post ePacket by entering the tracking number in the Ship24 website. Ship24 will then be able to give you up-to-date tracking information on the location and status of your package.

Which tracking API is the best option for tracking China Post parcels?

Ship24’s China Post package tracking API is a superior tracking system designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Ship24 offers a range of tracking API packages to suit your business, with rapid integration within minutes. Ship24’s tracking API is a one-stop-shop tracking solution delivering end-to-end status and location tracking event in as close to real-time as possible.

China Post handles millions of parcels and packages each year, particularly those ordered on e-commerce websites or marketplaces in China, meaning tracking orders handled by China Post has become increasingly important. To effectively track China Post parcels, many businesses are using the Ship24 universal tracking API.

The Ship24 tracking API is not only a universal tracking API with in-built AI machine learning, but its multiple couriers, auto-detection functionality means that it can offer global tracking of your parcel. We offer:

  • True end-to-end tracking functionality
  • 24/7 tracking, whenever you need it
  • Access to 957 logistics companies with new couriers added regularly
  • Integration within minutes, check out our documentation
  • AI-powered: We offer tracking number pattern recognition, parcel status detection, and more.
  • Instant courier auto-detection from just a tracking number.
  • Seamless parcel tracking, with 100% of events tracked and delivered to you.
  • 24/7 data quality monitoring
  • In-house support team ready and waiting, with enterprise SLA/dedicated account managers for broader needs.

Universal, market-leading shipment tracking with multiple courier auto-detection is why over 300 million people have tracked their packages across the globe using Ship24. Our powerful, global tracking system works with thousands of couriers, online shops, and marketplaces to bring you all the relevant information you need on your parcel, instantly. Come and find out why many are using Ship24 by visiting our website now and help us find the right API plan for you.

How does ePacket shipping work?

Apart from cost and time efficiency, ePacket offers a wide range of benefits to buyers including (but not limited to):

  1. Free returns on any undeliverable items. Customers will have a sense of security knowing that any undeliverable item can be returned, without any additional expense. This factor alone hugely improves the customer/merchant relationship.
  2. Door-to-door ePacket tracking. ePacket delivery provides customers the option of end-to-end tracking, without paying any additional costs. They’re able to track their ePacket delivery on websites such as EMS and USPS.

Bear in mind that customers may have to pay for customs (or additional taxes) on the products they order.

What are the average delivery times for a China Post ePacket?

Like all shipping methods, the delivery time for ePackets may vary based on the destination of the package, customs, holidays, and other unforeseen delays.
However, when shipping to the United States from China, the usual timeframe for a package to arrive lies within the 10-20 day mark. Other countries may have to deal with a slightly longer shipping time due to the fact that the package is being routed to the proper facilities before making it to the customer.

Where is my ePacket tracking number?

You will usually be sent your tracking number by the seller or merchant with who you purchased with. China Post ePacket tracking numbers usually start with E or L and are 13 characters long containing both letters and numbers. ePackets under 2kg usually start with “Lx”. All registered ePackets can be tracked using the Ship24 website.

Composed of numbers only, the postcode or zip code is mentioned in a letter or a parcel or package. A postal code is specific to each country and usually stands for a specific area that the residents or companies’ locations and used in standard to improve the sorting and delivery. A China postal code is composed of six numbers. This code will help you track

How many people use China Post?

China Post is one of the most popular postal services in mainland China. It is used by retailers, sellers and merchants and is one of the best transport strategies that allow you to ship internationally. Fortunately, China submits tracking suggests that most orders come within 30 days.

What are the China Post parcel specifications?

When sending a parcel with the China Post, the sender will need to meet the following requirements before a parcel can be dispatched. Most of these requirements have to do with the weight and dimensions of the product.

  • Weight: The weight of the package being-shipped cannot exceed 2 kg (4.4l BS). This weight takes into account the weight of the item inside, the filler stuffing material, the delivery box, and some other packaging material. The only exception to this weight rule is for Israel, the place the applications can weigh up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs. ).
  • Value: We are talking here about the content valuation of any product being shipped, which cannot be more than $400 and need to be shipped from China or Hong Kong to one of the international locations that are eligible for china post-delivery.
  • Minimum Package Size: The package that is rolled up has a minimum length of 11 cm. A regular packet must have a size greater than 14 cm and a width bigger than 11 cm. The diameter plus the length is more than 17 cm. If the package is under this format, you can use a larger box and add more packaging filling material to fit the minimum requirements.
  • Maximum Package Size The longest side of a typical package should not exceed 60cm. Moreover, the sum of length, width, and height should not exceed 90 cm. The same for a rolled-up package it might not get over 90 cm and with the diameter, not more than 104cm

Where can I track my China Post packages?

Your package can be tracked by using our comprehensive postal tracking tool on the ship24 website, where you will be able to track ePackets and small and large with China Post, USPS and many more.

You can also contact the China Post Tracking Customer service:
Monday – Sunday 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM GMT+8.

  • Phone number: +86 11185 , +86 11183 (the best option)
  • Email: feedback@chinapost.com.cn (this option has a low response rate)

What does China post package “in transit’ means?

When your package or parcel is in transit, it means that the item has been shipped from the origin country and is on its way to its destination.

  • Your parcel may have been handed over to the carrier.
  • Your parcel may have been dispatched or left its country of origin.
  • Your parcel may have reached the destination country and is under customs inspection.
  • Your parcel has reached its destination country and is domestic transit.
  • Your parcel is under another transit period. It can be in another country as a transit point and will be forwarded from there to its final destination country.

Here is a list of other statuses that you may find while tracking your package:

  • Dispatching in transit
  • Outbound in sorting center in transit
  • Arrived at the facility in transit
  • Inbound in sorting center in transit
  • Accepted by carrier in transit
  • Waiting for pick up in transit
  • Shipment confirmation in transit
  • Departure from outward office of exchange in transit. Your parcel is ready for shipment to your destination or your parcel may have left China already, but the package type is unregistered. Subsequently, the shipment number (Which will be something like: U* * * ***) does not provide tracking information
  • Arrival at inward office exchange in transit, the package has arrived at the destination country
  • Delivery arranged Out for delivery
  • Returned to Sender Exception
  • Attempted delivery
  • Held by Customs In transit
  • Released from customs in transit
  • Hand over to airline in transit
  • Arrive at the facility in transit
  • Depart from facility in transit
  • Export In transit
  • Outbound in sorting center in transit
  • Arrived at facility Sorting
  • Inbound in sorting center Sorting
  • Arrival at Sorting Center Sorting
  • Arrival at delivery office Sorting
  • Accepted by carrier in transit
  • Waiting for pick up in transit
  • Shipment confirmation in transit

[NEW] China Post Delivery. Track Parcel from China | chinapost – POLLICELEE

About China Post

China Post delivers parcels and postal items in People’s Republic of China and around the world. China Post provides: postal services, express mail, banking and insurance services. The postal operator carries out a very large number of shipments from Aliexpress, Wish, GearBest, ASOS and other online trading platforms that are gaining popularity lately. When sending a parcel by China Post, the postal item is registered with a unique tracking number, which is formed according to the S10 standard of the Universal Postal Union, for exaple UJ########CN.

China Post Registered Air Mail

China Post Registered Air Mail is a cheap and slow delivery type by China Post. The registered tracking number consists of 13 characters, which starts with the letter “R” and ends with “CN” (indicating the country of origin). Delivery to the country of destination from the Republic of China takes about 2-3 weeks, sometimes 4 weeks are possible. China Post Registered Air Mail can be tracked by tracking number. If you need to track a parcel from China, you can enter the tracking number in the input field above and click the track button.

Unregistered China Post Mail

Unregistered China Post Mail parcels contain a 13 character tracking number starting with the letter U and ends on “CN”. Unregistered parcels are only tracked in China. After the parcel is exported from China to the country of destination, it is no longer possible to track it, this is due to the low cost of this type of shipment. Variants are possible when the receiving country (postal service) gives information about the following of the parcel self.

China Post International Parcels

China Post delivers parcels to all countries in the world. The delivery speed depends on the service you choose when sending the parcel. International services for China Post include China Post Small Packages, China Post Large Packages and EMS (Express Mail Service) Packages. China Post Small Packages and China Post Large Packages can only be tracked if they are registered. By means of transportation, parcels are divided into:

  • Air Parcel;
  • Surface Air Lift Parcel;
  • Surface Parcel.

China Express Mail (EMS) is the fastest available by China Post. But it has one main drawback, express mail is more expensive than all types of delivery by China Post

China Post Small Packet

The China Post International Parcel Service delivers items weighing less than two kilograms from China to other countries. This is the cheapest shipping method when compared to other carriers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT. If the parcel weighs less than 2kg (4.4lbs) and is less than 90cm (35 inches) in all dimensions, and the largest size is less than 60cm (24 inches), then the parcel can be considered a Small Package. Air delivery is the most popular type of delivery for these types of parcels. Ground delivery of mail is now practically not used due to the long delivery time. China International Registered Air Mail is now widely used in e-commerce markets such as AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, as well as individual customers. This delivery method is suitable for items such as small appliances, mobile phones, small parts, accessories, clothing, shoes and other items of daily life.A small package is very cheap and can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world. It is safe and can be tracked if registered. The Tracking Number for Small Packets usually starts with “R”, “P” or “V” and ends with “CN”.

About compensation for lost or damaged parcels

In the case of a Registered Packet, after confirming the loss, you can request compensation from China Post. Courier will assess the value of the item and pay compensation. The compensation is two or three times the shipping cost, but the registration fee is non-refundable. You will not receive any compensation for regular mail.

China Post International Large Packet

China Post provides an international service for the delivery of parcels over 2kg (Small Packet), but less than 20kg (44lbs), 30kg (66lbs) or 40kg (88lbs). It is suitable for those large packages, but not so urgent to send. It can be tracked by the delivery status if the package is registered. Compared to EMS and other express shipping services, the cost of large packages is much cheaper. By analogy with the Small Package, it can be registered or ordinary. The difference is that the registered one is tracked by the tracking number and ordinary is not. Registered price is more expensive than ordinary. It is clear that if you order air transportation for this type of parcel, the parcel will arrive faster, but the price will be more expensive.

China Post ePacket

E-commerce ePacket from China Post. This type of parcel was created specifically for online stores, small parcels with the lowest delivery cost. Parcels are sent in bulk to reduce shipping costs. This type of parcel is very popular on Aliexpress.

Average China Post Small/Large Packet Delivery Time for Countries

  • United States of America: 24 Days;
  • Canada: 28 Days;
  • Germany: 19 Days;
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 19 Days;
  • Australia: 31 Days;
  • France: 20 Days;
  • Italy: 25 Days;
  • Japan: 13 Days;
  • Spain: 21 Days;
  • Switzerland: 24 Days.

More info about a average delivery time in China Post Tracking

China Post EMS

Fast shipping is currently available in over 220 countries. With China Post Express, you can quickly deliver all types of documents, bank accounts, letters and parcels. You can easily track the shipping information of your parcel by the parcel tracking number. There are the following services in the express mail of China

  • Global Express;
  • Economy Express.

The Economy Express service is used to transport goods weighing over 45kg (44lbs). Compared to Global Express, Global Express is cheaper, but delivery takes 2-3 days longer. Shipping costs are affected by weight restrictions, use of a customs agent, payment on delivery, or door-to-door delivery.

Official China Post Sites to Support Contact & Track

If you have problems with parcel and what to know where is your parcel, you can visit official China Post sites and contact to support team.

  • China Post: http://www.chinapost.com.cn/
  • China Post EMS: http://www.ems.com.cn/
  • Track Parcel China Post: https://yjcx.chinapost.com.cn/qps/english/yjcx

Comparison of parcel types for China Post

China Post has several types of delivery, they differ in the speed of delivery, in size and weight, the ability to track the parcel, insurance and, most importantly, in price. Some online stores attract customers with free delivery of their goods, if this option is used, then you can be 100% sure that the delivery will be the cheapest and will take a very long time. Each client must choose for himself what is most important to him, the speed of delivery or the price of delivery. If you need a product with a delivery guarantee and on time, then use express delivery with a guarantee of its receipt. But that such delivery will be more expensive. If you bought a trinket and the timing is not important to you, then you can use the cheapest delivery or free delivery from an online store.

China Post FAQ

How I can change the address of the package?

After the parcel has been sent, the recipient’s address cannot be changed. It is possible to change the delivery address already in the recipient’s mail, if you can prove that the parcel was sent to you. If the package is sent to an invalid address, it will be returned back to the sender. In this situation, contact the sender and after he receives it, ask to send it again to a new correct address.

Tracking status is “successfully delivered” but I have not received it, what should I do?

If you have a problem when you have not received the parcel and the parcel’s statistics indicate that it has been delivered, then you need to contact the nearest post office and clarify the delivery status by specifying the parcel tracking number. Check with the people closest to you if they received the package for you. Contact the courier who delivered your package to find out where it was delivered and who received it.

My package has not been tracked for a long time

Check the spelling of the tracking number, I often confuse the number 0 with the letter O or the number 1 with the letter l. This is very important, because if the tracking number is not written correctly, then you will not be able to track the parcel.

It is possible that your package has not yet been entered into the database and has not been registered, wait a few days and try to track it again.

If you were sent the wrong tracking number by mistake, then contact the seller or the sender, specify the number again.

You fell for a scammer and was sent a bogus tracking number to you. Go to the online store urgently, open an investigation and try to get your money back through the payment system.

I see that my package is not moving to my address

Perhaps the sender made a mistake with the address, contact him and clarify this situation.

Incorrect following of the parcel may be the fault of the postal service. Contact the sender’s postal service to resolve this issue.

If you are not sure about the seller, then it is possible that the scammers gave you a tracking number for another package, so that you do not panic while they cover their tracks. In this case, you must provide full information about the seller where you bought the product and try to return the money.

Can I track my package from China by USPS?

If the package is registered and is sent to the United States, then you can track the package from China on the USPS website. We advise you to track parcels by the postal service of the sender and the recipient. Then you will be able to see the complete information on how to follow the package. Our site supports tracking by two postal services (origin and destination) at once.

Which carrier delivers the package from China to my country?

Parcels from China are delivered by local postal service. For example, if you live in the USA, the parcel is delivered by USPS, if you live in Canada, then the Canda Post. It is possible that China Post negotiates with another local operator for delivery in your country, then the last mile carrier information is provided in the package tracking data.

How long is my parcel kept at the post office until I pick it up?

If you did not order delivery to the door, then you can pick up the parcel at the post office. The package will not be stored there forever. Each postal service has a storage period for the parcel and if the period has expired, the parcel is returned to the sender. Check with your local carrier for how long the free storage period will take. Or order delivery to the address at a convenient time for you.

Where can I get China Post parcel support?

China Post has several hotlines depending on the type of parcel. The hotline number in China is 11185, if you have an express delivery then the number is 11183. You can also contact the address No.3 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing Zip Code: 100808

How to avoid scam when doing online shopping?

  • Do not buy a product in online stores without studying ratings from other buyers;
  • Check product prices and compare with more famous stores. If the price is too low, then the probability of fraud is very high;
  • Order delivery with a guarantee and insure the parcel in case of damage or loss;
  • When purchasing goods, use payment systems, where it is possible to return money for the producst in case of a problem with the package; 
  • Check the status of the parcel regularly or use the parcel manager, which notifies you about the change in the status;
  • Keep in touch with the seller while the package arrives.

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