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There are hundreds and thousands of American shows that come out each year, one better than the other. Prison Break is unlike any of the traditional American serial dramas that you’d come across. The show managed to not just bag multiple Emmys but created a huge fanbase over the years.

Created by Paul Scheuring for Fox, the series follows the lives of two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield. While Burrow is accused and sentenced to prison for a crime that he didn’t commit, Scofield makes it his mission to free his brother and clear up his name come what may.

The show expanded over five successful seasons with a total of 90 episodes. The serial has also changed through a lot of single and joint production houses throughout the seasons. While Fox declined to release the show in 2003, they later took up the production again in 2004, possibly making the biggest change that anyone could have ever expected to witness. 

Ever since the release of the first season, the show came out with 13-episodes and did exceptionally well in terms of viewership and the ratings they gathered from the audience over time. Aside from Emmy, the show even went on to be nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 2005. 

The release and success of the show further propelled the growth of several other related prospects, including short videos for mobile phones and even a video game inspired by the serial drama. If you have been looking for an Index of all the episodes of Prison Break to binge-watch, we got your back.

What is the plot of Prison Break?

The five seasons of the show pick up on different phases through the battle that the two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, face to just ensure the safety of the former. The first season follows the arrest and imprisonment of Lincoln for murdering Terence Steadman. However, none of it is true. 

Lincoln is sentenced to a death sentence and is sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary where he has to await his execution. However, despite everything happening, Lincoln’s brother, Michael, is pretty sure that his brother is innocent and doesn’t deserve to be dead for something he didn’t do. To save his brother, Michael does an armed robbery and is set to the Fox River jail as well.

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Once inside, Michael fakes having Type-1 Diabetes to have everyday access to the infirmary and the prison doctor, Sara Trancedi. He also received help from Veronica Donovan, a friend who tried to dig deeper into the shells of the case to investigate what is the matter. 

They later find about an organization, The Company, which was involved in blaming and framing Lincoln as they did with Lincoln’s father too. Michael ties hands with six other inmates and his brother to come together and escape the prison right before the season finale of the first one.

The second, third, fourth, and fifth season kind of follow their journey to uncover the truth and find out what happened that got Lincoln the jail time. 

Who is cast in the Prison Break?

The cast and crew of Prison Break have been extremely consistent throughout the five seasons, so you are likely going to see the main cast recurring through the five seasons. If you are planning on watching the show, here’s what the cast looks like:

  • Dominic Purcell

  • Wentworth Miller

  • Amaury Nolasco

  • Robert Knepper

  • Robin Tunney

  • Peter Stormare

  • Mashall Allman

  • Wade Williams

  • Sarah Wayne Callies

  • Paul Adelstein

  • Rockmond Dunbar

  • William Fichtner

  • Chris Vance

  • Robert Wisdom

  • Danay Garcia

Index of Prison Break [Season 1 To 5]

Index of Prison Break

If you are planning on watching this serial drama and want to have direct access to all the episodes in chronological order, we hope that this section of the article helps you get a better understanding. Prison Break has a total of five seasons and 90 episodes throughout the span. 

Prison Break is available for you to stream online on Hulu.

Prison Break Season 1 

Episode 1 – Pilot

Episode 2 – Allen

Episode 3 – Cell Test

Episode 4 – Cute Poison

Episode 5 – English, Fitz or Percy

Episode 6 – Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 1

Episode 7 – Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 2

Episode 8 – The Old Head

Episode 9 – Tweener

Episode 10 – Sleight of Hand

Episode 11 – And Then There Were 7

Episode 12 – Odd Man Out

Episode 13 – End of the Tunnel

Episode 14 – The Rat

Episode 15 – By the Skin and Teeth

Episode 16 – Brother’s Keeper

Episode 17 – J-Cat

Episode 18 – Bluff

Episode 19 – The Key

Episode 20 – Tonight

Episode 21 – Go

Episode 22 – Flight

Prison Break Season 2 

Episode 1 – Manhunt

Episode 2 – Otis

Episode 3 – Scan

Episode 4 – First Down

Episode 5 – Map 1213

Episode 6 – Subdivision

Episode 7 – Buried

Episode 8 – Dead Fall

Episode 9 – Unearthed

Episode 10 – Rendezvous

Episode 11 – Boishoi Booze

Episode 12 – Disconnect

Episode 13 – The Killing Box

Episode 14 – John Doe

Episode 15 – The Message 

Episode 16 – Chicago

Episode 17 – Bad Blood

Episode 18 – Wash

Episode 19 – Sweet Caroline

Episode 20 – Panama

Episode 21 – Fin Del Camino

Episode 22 – Sona

Prison Break Season 3 

Episode 1 – Orientación

Episode 2 – Fire/Water

Episode 3 – Call Waiting

Episode 4 – Good Fences

Episode 5 – Interference

Episode 6 – Photo Finish

Episode 7 – Vamonos

Episode 8 – Bang and Burn

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Episode 9 – Boxed In

Episode 10 – Dirt Nap

Episode 11 – Under and Out

Episode 12 – Hell or High Water

Episode 13 – The Art of the Deal

Prison Break Season 4 

Episode 1 – Scylia

Episode 2 – Breaking and Entering

Episode 3 – Shut Down

Episode 4 – Eagles and Angels

Episode 5 – Safe and Sound

Episode 6 – Blow Out

Episode 7 – Five the Hard Way

Episode 8 – The Price

Episode 9 – Greatness Achieved

Episode 10 – The Legend

Episode 11 – Quiet Riot

Episode 12 – Selfless

Episode 13 – Deal or No Deal

Episode 14 – Just Business

Episode 15 – Going Under

Episode 16 – The Sunshine State

Episode 17 – The Mother Lode

Episode 18 – VS.

Episode 19 – S.O.B

Episode 20 – Cowboys and Indians

Episode 21 – Rate of Exchange

Episode 22 – Killing Your Number

Prison Break Season 5 

Episode 1 – Ogygia

Episode 2 – Kaniel Outis

Episode 3 – The Liar

Episode 4 – The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Episode 5 – Contingency

Episode 6 – Phaecia

Episode 7 – Wine Dark Sea

Episode 8 – Progeny

Episode 9 – Behind the Eyes


With the five seasons of Prison Break, it isn’t surprising that the show has gained a lot of audience over time. The show is available on Hulu for free online streaming although Netflix doesn’t have the show at the moment.

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1. Is Prison Break worth it?

Yes, despite so many episodes through 5 seasons, every single one of them is pretty amazing, especially with the kind of plot twists it comes with.

2. Is Prison Break based on a true story?

No, the story of the show is completely fictional and doesn’t bring out any kind of issues with the true stories that many think otherwise.

3. Are Michael and Lincoln being real brothers?

No, Michael and Lincoln aren’t biological brothers. Michael’s father adopted Lincoln. When Michael’s parents died, he ended up taking the mother’s last name. There is no specific back story.

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[Update] Prison Break Season 4 Episode Guide | prison break season 4 ep 20 – POLLICELEE

Season 4, Episode 14: Just Business

Original Air Date—8 December 2008
Sara injects another shot and tells Michael that he needs a doctor. The lookout Lincoln keeps watching on the outside of the warehouse; when Self throws gas bombs trying to force Michael and his group to leave the place, Lincoln surprises Self, hits him on his back and brings him into the warehouse. Self justifies that his motivation was not personal, just business, and proposes to sell Scylla and share the amount among the whole group; however Gretchen appears out of the blue and balances the situation and they leave the place without a shootout. Meanwhile, Mahone meets agent Lang and tells her what happened in the last days, and asks who would be trustful in FBI since the agency and the National Security are compromised with infiltrated agents from The Company. General Krantz decides to chase Gretchen using a satellite; Lisa gives her resignation letter to he father. Michael does not want to sell Scylla; Sucre hides himself in the truck of Self’s car and finds the low budget Fauntleroy Hotel where Self and Gretchen are lodged. He calls Michael and steals several cartridges of gas from the car. Michael hides the missing chip of Scylla on the ceiling of the bathroom, but Self sees the location using a camera he planted in the warehouse. Self calls T-Bag and asks him to kill Rita and Emily if he does not return the call within two hours. When the seller Ralph Becker arrives on the front door selling Bibles, T-Bag sees his ring and knock-outs the guy, telling Rita that he is a Company agent. He interrogates the man and Rita convinces T-Bag to release Ralph and T-Bag lets Emily and Rita go. However the seller is actually an agent and T-Bag is arrested by The Company. Meanwhile Mahone has a meeting with Agent Wheeler, asking to see someone to trust; Wheeler proposes the Scylla per a meeting with thee General Attorney. General Krantz also locates Gretchen and Self in the hotel, but Sucre fights against Gretchen while Michael disassembles the emergency exit; when Self leaves the room through the fire stairway trying to escape, he falls on the ground and Michael recovers the complete Scylla; however, he starts bleeding though his nose and faints. Self retrieves Scylla and The Company catches Michael. Sara and Sucre see on the screen of Self’s notebook the hidden camera in the warehouse. When they return to their hideout, they find that Self has found the chip. When Mahone calls Lincoln and finds that Scylla was lost, he is betrayed by Agent Lang and arrested by Wheeler. Lincoln surprisingly arrives at The Company to see Michael, and General Krantz proposes the best doctors and facility to Michael’s surgery per Scylla, and gives a file named Tombstone II to Lincoln. Meanwhile Self kills the intermediate Vikan and his bodyguard to deal Scylla directly with the buyer.

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Prison Break – Paul Kellerman sets everyone free – 4×22

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Prison Break Season 1 (2005-2017) – Michael Arrives at Fox River (HD)

Prison Break Michael Scofield’s (Wentworth Miller) first moments at Fox River Penitentiary
Series Description:
Michael Scofield is a desperate man in a desperate situation. His brother, Lincoln Burrows, was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and put on Death Row. Michael holds up a bank to get himself incarcerated alongside his brother in Fox River State Penitentiary, then sets in motion a series of elaborate plans to break Lincoln out and prove his innocence. Once out of jail, their perils aren’t over the brothers must flee to escape recapture and battle an intricate political conspiracy that puts everyone’s life at risk.
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Prison Break Season 1 (2005-2017) - Michael Arrives at Fox River (HD)

PRISON BREAK [Parte 2/11] \”Temporada 1\” (1080p HD) Episodio 21

PRISON BREAK [Parte 2/11] \

Prison Break – Season 5 Finale ending scene

PrisonBreak MichaelScofield EndingScene

Prison Break - Season 5 Finale ending scene

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