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What is Same-Store Sales?

Same-store sales, also known as comparable-store sales, is a financial metric commonly used by companies in the retail industry to evaluate the performance of existing stores.



Importance of Same-Store Sales

To understand why the same-store sales metric is disclosed, consider the following example:



Although the company’s revenues increased year-over-yearYoY (Year over Year)YoY stands for Year over Year and is a type of financial analysis used for comparing time series data. It is useful for measuring growth and detecting trends., the company added new stores. A significant question by analysts would be: “Is the increase in revenues due to existing stores or new stores?”

Therefore, the same-store sales metric is used to provide readers of financial statementsThree Financial StatementsThe three financial statements are the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows. These three core statements are with greater information. By providing the same-store sales metric, analysts can determine how well existing locations are performing.

In fact, investors and analysts often keep a close eye on same-store sales due to it being a strong predictor of the health of retail operations and future success of a company. For analysts, same-store sales for retail companies often holds as much importance as the revenue and earnings numbers.


Formula for Same-Store Sales




  • Total Sales refers to the total sales generated from the company’s stores; and
  • Total SalesT+1 refers to the total sales generated in the next period (next month, quarter, etc.) from the company’s stores in the preceding period.


Example of Same-Store Sales

An analyst is looking to determine the same-store sales for a company. The analyst noted that the company operated 100 stores that generated total sales of $100,000 in 2020. In 2021, the company added 50 new stores, with management noting that each store contributed $1,100 in sales for a total sale of $165,000. The information is illustrated below:



What is the same-store sales number for the company?

In 2020, the 100 stores generated sales of $100,000. In 2021, each store generated sales of $1,000. Using the same number of stores in 2020, the total sales amount to $110,000 in 2021 for the same stores. Therefore, same-store sales are calculated as:

Same-store sales = ($110,000 / $100,000 – 1) x 100 = 10%


How to Interpret

A positive (>0%) same-store sales figure is favorable, while a decrease (<0%) in same-store sales is detrimental. A positive same-store sales figure means that the company generated more sales per store compared to last year – an indicator of growing customer demandTypes of CustomersCustomers play a significant role in any business. By better understanding the different types of customers, businesses can be better equipped to develop. On the other hand, a negative same-store sales figure means that the company generated fewer sales per store – an indicator of deteriorating customer demand.

However, this is not to say that a positive same-store sale is always favorable. The metric must be compared to an expectation. As we will see in the example below, a positive same-store sales figure does not necessarily translate to a strong-performing company.


Same-Store Sales in the News

On July 16, 2019, Domino’s Pizza reported its quarterly earnings. Among other things, the company reported same-store sales of 2.1% for US stores, 3.1% for US franchise stores, and 2.4% for international stores. The company’s same-store sales were below analyst expectations. As a result, shares of Domino’s plummeted after its earnings announcement.

As shown in the example above, although Domino’s Pizza reported positive same-store sales, that alone does not necessarily indicate that the company is doing well. The ratio must be compared to a benchmark or analyst expectations. If analysts expect same-store sales for a company to increase 15%, but the company only delivered 5%, it would indicate a weak-performing company.


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[Update] Overview | sssg – POLLICELEE

Code less, Review quick, Get productive by

Get started

$ npm install -g sssg
$ cd [work folder]
$ sssg try

See more detail for installation.


SSSG(Simple Static Site Generator) is a super-lightweight framework for composing static website with live preview.

Don’t forget what you start creating. You create your website, not gulp tasks.

Many people creates similar gulp tasks everywhere for developing static website.
By SSSG, you don’t need to spend your time debugging gulp,
instead you should crash your head for what you are truly creating.

The purposes for this framework are:

  • to code less and proactive with Pug, Stylus, ES6 Javascript.
  • to preview web page on coding. (WYSIWYG)
  • to generate portable static web files.

I originally wanted prototyping tool for website and found some wireframing services.
Those services are useful in that users don’t need to code anything to outline site design.

However, as a programmer myself,
I needed CODE to spec out web designs.

By the reason above, this framework is targeting coders who want to share prototype design
based on text.

Simple = The rest is yours

SSSG does only simple tasks.

In summary, it

  • compiles *.pug in source folder into
    *.html in destination folder.
  • compiles
    main.styl in source folder into
    main.css in destination folder.
  • compiles main.js in source folder into
    main.js in destination folder.
  • copies image files and other misc files into destination folder.

This is so simple, isn’t it? Actually SSSG is not a framework but kind of a convention of folder structure.

SSSG itself does just a few things. It relies on some useful npm modules such as gulp, babel and so on.

You even do not need SSSG and write your own task to generate static web site with gulp.
However, to generate static website with gulp task,
everyone will write similar codes everywhere.

I believe I could save many of your time by SSSG, which is a collection of common gulp tasks
for static websites.

Believe my sense and you will spare your time handsomely.

While SSSG does just simple works, you can fully take advantages of pug/stylus/es6 features without concerns.

Pug is equipped with code templating system. If your website utilizes the same layout over several pages,
you should split the pages into static components(sidebar, header, footer, etc) and variable contents.

Pug encourages you to do so.

Anyway, how you structure your website components is up to you.

Haven’t you ever heard DRY coding? If no, you’ve got a chance to learn it. As well as Pug,
Stylus makes you code less, by representing parent-child relationship as an indent.
To fully speed up coding, you should try IDE that supports Stylus.

Additionally, Stylus also supports modular system. It can import any other stylus files.
You can construct your own modular structure as clean as you feel comfortable.

Of course, you can write all style information only in main.styl.

Unlike Pug/Stylus, ES6 itself is not equipped with DRY syntax.
But it has asynchronous system with Promise, native class support,
and like Stylus, import statement.

With class and import feature, you can fully modularize your front-end
business logic into reusable and structured framework.
Be notified that SSSG adopts babel, meaning you can use ReactJS/JSX to write SPA by custom .babelrc.
Get detail in Build Mechanism.

Try it out


You need to have
NodeJS 6.x
installed on your computer.

Check out official installation manual for details.

* For Windows Users.
Global npm modules location
must be added to environment variable.


After you installed these requirements, install SSSG globally on your computer.

$ npm install -g sssg

Let’s try

$ cd [work folder]

$ sssg try

After dispatching the command above, browser will launch and open ./docs/index.html
created in your working folder.

Let’s edit ./src/html/index.pug and see what happens.


You can try customizing this page by the command below.

$ sssg try --readme


Debug your web design with element outlining by accessing http://localhost:3001

This debug feature comes from 

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Lyrics : Manoj Muntashir,
Edit \u0026 Gfx : Nadeem Akhtar (Paperboyz Studioz)
Choreography : Adil Shaikh
Music Produced by : Aditya Dev,
Aditya Dev’s Music Assistant : Gaurav Singh
Himesh Reshammiya’s Team : Suhas Parab, Subhash Parab \u0026 Priyesh Vakil.
Flute : Tejas Vinchurkar
Sound Engineers : Salman Shaikh, Sakar Apte and Anudutt Shamain at HR Musik Studio.
Mixed and Mastered : by Salman Shaikh at HR Musik Studio.
Movie Credits :
K.C. Sharma \u0026 Kamal Mukut Present
An Anil Sharma Productions \u0026 Soham RockStar Entertainment’s
An Anil Sharma Film
Producer Deepak Mukut
Introducing Utkarsh Sharma \u0026 Ishita Chauhan
Starring Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Jhulka, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Malti Chehar, Abhimanyu Singh, K K Raina, Dev Gil
Written, Produced \u0026 Directed by Anil Sharma
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Maine Chaha Chahoon Na Tujhe
Par Meri Ek Na Chali
Ishq Mein Nigahon Ko
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Dil Teri Khwaishein
Dil Meri Na Sune
Dil Ki Main Na Sunu
Dil Meri Na Sune
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Ishq Mein Nigahon Ko
Milti Hai Baarishein
Phir Bhi Kyun Kar Raha
Dil Teri Khwaishein
Dil Meri Na Sune
Dil Ki Main Na Sunu
Dil Meri Na Sune
Dil Ka Main Kya Karu
Dil Meri Na Sune
Dil Ki Main Na Sunu
Dil Meri Na Sune
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Bebaak Hai Yeh
Hai Raqeeb Khud Ka Hi..
Ittefaq Hai Yeh
Ishq Mein Nigahon Ko
Milti Hai Baarishein
Phir Bhi Kyun Kar Raha
Dil Teri Khwaishein
Dil Meri Na Sune
Dil Ki Main Na Sunu
Dil Meri Na Sune
Dil Ka Main Kya Karu
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Dil Ki Main Na Sunu
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