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rilakkuma 7 11 thailand: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

Kaoru leads a mundane life, but she gets to go home and find comfort in Rilakkuma, her endearingly lazy roommate who happens to be a fuzzy toy bear.

1. Cherry Blossom


Kaoru is dejected when her friends’ busy lives prevent them from attending their annual Hanami. Rilakkuma can’t make pancakes without burning them.

2. Kidnapped


A sense of panic takes over Kaoru when she receives a ransom note demanding a stack of pancakes in exchange for the safe return of Rilakkuma.

3. Rainy Season


Heavy rains bring an unlikely growth of mushrooms inside the home, and Kaoru’s spirits are dampened when she’s the subject of office gossip.

4. Fireworks


While Rilakkuma is able to wholeheartedly enjoy the food and games at the summer festival, Kaoru grows frustrated by her own perpetual indecisiveness.

5. Ghost Girl


During a sudden power outage, Kaoru and her friends are stopped dead in their tracks when a spirit from beyond the grave makes a surprise visit.

6. Fortune-Telling


After a streak of bad luck in the last days of summer, Kaoru sees a psychic, who implies that her three roommates are the cause of her problems.

7. Slim Down


To help her lose weight — and to catch a glimpse of the cute deliveryman — Kaoru keeps ordering more and more costly exercise equipment online.

8. Getting a Job


Seeing Kaoru struggle with her finances, Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori take it upon themselves to find part-time jobs — with mixed results.

9. Snowman


With a blanket of December snow covering the entire neighborhood, Rilakkuma offers his knit cap to a poor snowman who looks so cold.

10. Hawaii


The roommates bring the sounds of aloha into their home to brighten Kaoru’s day when a colleague’s engagement in Hawaii brings her down.

11. Sleepless Night


Thinking a streak of light in the night sky was a UFO, Korilakkuma tries to call it back by building a pyramid-shaped beacon out of junk.

12. The First Day


In this flashback episode, Kaoru reminisces about the time she wanted a pet cat, but met the delightful bears who would become her roommates instead.

13. Moving Out


As their apartment’s demolition date draws near, Kaoru searches for a new place, and they all do their best to toss out the things they don’t need.

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rilakkuma ruler at 7-eleven Thailand

rilakkuma ruler at 7eleven Thailand
ไม้บรรทัด ริลัคคุมะ แถมมากับขนมที่ 7อีเลฟเว่น

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

rilakkuma ruler at 7-eleven Thailand

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HOW TO หยิบคสอ.ใหม่ 7-11 มาแต่ง Natural look ราคาหลักสิบทั้งหน้า! แต่งยังไงให้สวยแพงเท่าคสอ.หลักพัน

7-ELEVEn Walkthrough || India’s 1st Texas based 7-ELEVEn convenience store opened

Finally, the wait is over. 7 ELEVEn has made his entry into the Indian market , with the first store being opened in Andheri east, Mumbai.
After the deal of 7 ELEVEn broke up with Future Retail aka Big Bazaar, Reliance Retail aka Mukesh Ambani bought the master Franchise of 7 ELEVEn for India.
Here are some of the fun facts of 7 ELEVEn:
1. 7ELEVEN was founded in 1927 with headquarters in texas , US.
3. In India , 7ELEVEn franchise is being brought by Reliance urf India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani.
4. 7ELEVEn brought new concept to open extended hours from 7 am to 11 pm, and thus changed the original name from Tote’m store to 7ELEVEn.
Address: Shop No.6, Gupta Niwas, Pipe Line, Khairani Rd, Mohili Village, Bandi Bazaar, Sakinaka, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072
My name is Priti Yadav. I am from Mumbai. I love to shoot videos of some of the best food around Mumbai \u0026 places which are worth visiting.
If you love my content or have any questions just Dm me below on Instagram:
7ELEVEn 711store

7-ELEVEn Walkthrough || India's 1st Texas based 7-ELEVEn convenience store opened

World’s Best Convenience Store? (7-ELEVEN THAILAND)

TEXT ME! +1 310 349 3854
It’s funny because where I grew up (Arizona), I never thought of 7Eleven being a desirable place to visit. The only reason I’d ever go to 7Eleven to fill up my gas tank and/or get a slurpee.
But in Thailand (and many Asian countries), 7Eleven takes on a completely new meaning. It’s your one stop shop for anything and everything you can think of. 7Eleven pretty much the World’s Best convenience store in the history of mankind.
Inside 7Eleven, you can find (literally) thousands of unique food and beverage options — but even beyond that, 7Eleven is a place where you can pay your phone \u0026 internet bills, schedule mail for pick up, purchase sporting event tickets and grab all of your toiletries and cosmetics.
Thailand alone has over 11,000 7Eleven locations (the secondmost behind Japan) and it does 500 billion Baht ($15B USD) in revenue a year. It’s hard to explain how incredible this store is unless you’ve been to Thailand (or Asia) and experienced it for yourself.
What are you thoughts on 7Eleven? Anyone else agree with me?
TEXT ME +1 310 349 3854 and I will respond 🙂
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World's Best Convenience Store? (7-ELEVEN THAILAND)

all the cool things I found in a Thailand 7-Eleven

Thailand and Japan have AMAZING stuff in their 7Eleven stores, it’s like a whole new world. Here’s all the cool shit I found.

Website: http://www.jemimaskelley.com
Instagram: @jemimaskelley

all the cool things I found in a Thailand 7-Eleven

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูวิธีอื่นๆGeneral news

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